I built this sewing table and stool for my mother, gaining inspiration from Michael Pekovich's floating table design.  The table and stool base are constructed of solid Cherry with pillowed through mortise and tenons, tapered legs, and a raised apron rail.  The table top is a veneered Curly Cherry MDF core, with a solid Cherry border, and Holly inlay stinging separating the solid Cherry from the veneer.  The border is joined at the corners using a bridle joint and the edge is treated with a 15 degree under bevel for lightness.  The pieces are flooded with boiled linseed oil, and then sealed with several coats of platina shellac, with a sprayed on water-based top coat for added protection.  You can download my detailed SketchUp drawings of this build for free by clicking the link below.  You will need to download SketchUp Make in order to view the file.

Sewing Table and Stool